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Computer Applications & Technology

Microsoft Powerpoint
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Microsoft Powerpoint


with Stephanie Merfeld

This course is for new PowerPoint users.  Although Office 2016 for PC is used for this course, many participants find the content transferrable to Office 2007 through Office 2013. 

Prerequisites include basic PC skills such as mousing, navigating the MS Office environment, file management, Internet browsing and keyboarding.

Please check with the Instructor or BTC office before registering if you have any questions, since it easier to answer your concerns before the class begins than to find out later the class content is not what you are looking for.

-Getting started
-Exploring the PowerPoint environment
-Getting help
-Closing presentations and closing PowerPoint
-Building new presentations
-Creating new presentations
-Saving presentations
-Working in the Outline tab
-Rearranging and deleting slides
-Formatting slides
-Exploring text formatting
-Working with text
-Using drawing tools
-Drawing objects
-Working with text in objects
-Modifying objects Working with graphics
-Working with WordArt
-Adding clip art Using images
-Creating organization charts
-Modifying presentations
-Using templates Working with the slide master
-Adding transitions and timings
-Adding speaker notes and footers

Windows Review
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Windows Review


with Stephanie Merfeld

This class will review basic Windows Operating System skills for those who may need them reinforced in preparation for moving on to specific Microsoft Office application such as Basic Excel (Excel 1), Word (Word 1) or PowerPoint (Intro to PowerPoint).

Topics covered include file management, document editing, keyboard shortcuts, the Ribbon (menu), and navigating the Internet.

-Familiarity with basic Windows screen layout (desktop icons, Start button, task bar
-Able to use a mouse – navigate, pointing clicking, click and drag
-Basic keyboarding – location of commands such as DEL (Delete), END, HOME, BACK SPACE & CTRL (Control)

(Note: this is not a keyboarding class.)

Microsoft Excel I
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Microsoft Excel I


with Stephanie Merfeld

This workshop is for new Excel users, those with a bare minimum of Excel experience, or those whose Excel skills are “rusty.” We will assume little to no prior Excel experience, but do require that users should have a good foundation in the Windows Operating System on a PC (rather than Apple), mousing and keyboarding. 

The goal for this class is understanding the basics of creating workbooks and entering data.  Course handout is written for the Office 2010 version of Excel, but is applicable to any version from 2007 through 2106. Content includes:

NOTE: Those with questions regarding the requisite skills should contact the Business Training Center for clarification and sources of preparation if needed.

 Prerequisites: A competency in the Windows Operating System, mousing and keyboarding. Experience in MS Word or other Office applications highly recommended.

Word Advanced Topics
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Word Advanced Topics


with Stephanie Merfeld

Excel Review for Level 2


with Stephanie Merfeld

Calendar Mar 9, 2020 at 8:30 am

This 4-hour class is based around an exercise with the key topics/skills that an entering Excel Level 2 attendee should be familiar with.  If you are generally comfortable with the basic fundamentals of Excel, but are unsure of any of the topics/skills listed in Excel Level 1, this course may bring you to the necessary level in a shorter length of time.

Microsoft Excel II


with Stephanie Merfeld

Calendar Mar 10, 2020 at 8:30 am

This class is intended for users who have basic Excel skills as listed in the description for Excel level   Attendees must have competence in all the skills and prerequisites listed in Excel level 1.

Although this course is designed for Intermediate Excel 2013, many participants find the content transferrable to Office 2007 -- Office 2013.The focus of this class is data management in the Excel environment.

 Topics to be covered include: 

-Group or advanced formatting data
-Advanced finding and replacing data; naming cells and ranges; working across worksheets and workbooks; basic and complex sorting; using filters; conditional formatting; splitting text; data forms; data validation; custom lists
-Finalizing your workbook

MOS Word Test Prep Day 1 & 2


with Stephanie Merfeld

Calendar Mar 11, 2020 at 12:30 pm

Excel Charts & Graphs 2.1


with Stephanie Merfeld

Calendar Mar 27, 2020 at 9 am

This class is intended for the novice Excel Chart and Graph user. The assumption is that the user has learned the basics of building a simple chart and wants to be able to further their skills with: Preparing and cleaning the data to be used, Discussion of the correct chart type for the data at hand, Formatting the data and labels, Switching the x and y axes

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